Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - Overwatch

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  • Plataforma: Xbox 360
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  • Desarrollador: Codemasters
  • Género: Action
  • Rating: M
Get some with the Overwatch DLC pack for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, featuring new multiplayer modes and Fire Team Engagements. In Blindside, the PLA must complete objectives in the shortest time possible while the USMC defends in tense, tactical engagements. Meanwhile Supremacy tasks opposing forces to occupy strategically vital positions featuring force multipliers like gun emplacements and air strikes. These multiplayer modes are complimented by two exhilarating new FTEs. In Friendly Skies, PLA anti-aircraft artillery prevents US airborne reinforcements inserting into the combat zone. In Hostile Takeover, intel reveals enemy movement in the village of Armudan, a perfect base for launching attacks deep into enemy territory.